Astrid Rieder trans-Art

Astrid Rieder, trans-Art

Astrid Rieder works as an international trans-Artist,

with studios in the Künstlerhaus Salzburg and the Stuwerviertel in Vienna. trans-Art is an interplay between different art forms, leading to an intensified aesthetic experience by the performers as well as the audience.

Since 1993, she has attended many courses in Salzburg and surroundings, including courses by Wolfgang Seierl (painter and composer), Johannes Ziegler (painter), and at the Summer Academy in Salzburg (e.g. Xenia Hausner and Hella Berenth, Kimberly Bradley). She participated in music theory seminars by Christian Ofenbauer (composer and professor at the Mozarteum Salzburg) and is an advisory council of the Maria-Anna-Mozart-Gesellschaft.

Through stipends and cooperation with fellow artists, Astrid managed to organize trans-Art performances and workshops all around the world, e.g. the “Mid Atlantic trans-Art Tour 2014”, Schmiede Hallein 2016, the electro acoustic festival in Seia/Portugal 2017, the NY Art Connection Gallery Long, the ONE MONTH FESTIVAL SEOUL, or the MACRO in Rome and the Riga Performance Festival Starptelpa as well as the KunstMeeting Tour. Recently trans-Art was included in a show reel and live performance at the Musica Femina at Schloss Schönbrunn in Vienna. Another highlight is the presentation of trans-Art in a live performance, a show and a lecture in the Galleria KOOKOS in Helsinki. Another big project was the Studio concert for contemporary music, an annual trans-Art event, where Astrid Rieder imparted contemporary music to the audience in Salzburg for 20 years (1996 - 2016).

Currently, she performs live each month in the event series “do trans-Art” in her studio at the Künstlerhaus Salzburg. Together with a musician, she creates a Composition graphique musicale during this performance. It consists of three parts: the drawing, the recorded music, and the video documentary.

Astrid also hosts the "studio for contemporary music" at the local Radiofabrik, broadcasted by RadioFRO in Upper Austria and MICATONAL in Vienna.

Live trans-Art Performance in the Kleines Studio, Mozarteum,  with Agustin Castilla-Avila: in 2017 Astrid Rieder and Agustin Castilla-Avila worked in a freely associative performance through reciprocal interaction. Listening to Agustin’s playing, Astrid Rieder was drawing in a sketchbook, which was projected on the wall and thereby enabled the musician to react to the visuals. The dialogue took about 40 minutes.

trans-Art Workshop:

The audience is invited to draw to a piece of contemporary music from a CD. The aim of this workshop is to open one´s mind for contemporary music in which we all foster an interest in and understanding for one another and have an open mind towards the diversity of different cultures and their respective independence.

Performance of the audience: 

First the audience is invited to draw to a piece of contemporary music, which is interpreted by a musician live. Within the trans-Art Performance the musician turns in interaction with the audience. The emerging drawing sounds are recorded and mixed to the live music. The audience becomes their own voice in the trans-Art ensemble.