Astrid Rieder trans-Art

Astrid Rieder, trans-Art

born in the Weinviertel in Lower Austria, has been living and working in Salzburg since 1987, and is working nowadays in a studio in the  Kunstverein Salzburg as well as in a studio in Stuwerstr. 45/3, 1020 Vienna, Austria.

artist in residence program in Frankfurt, Budapest, Minnesota and Washington D.C..

support for school workshops by the cultural fund of Salzburg.

Board member of the Maria-Anna-Mozart-Gesellschaft

participation in the 63rd spring meeting of the INMM Darmstadt (Institute of New Music and Media) with an audience activity.

participation in the ASPEKTE Festival 2012 (Solitär, Mozarteum). Drawing live to the performance of Agustin Castilla Avila’s musical piece “Du bist es” (“It is you“) with simultaneous video projection of the live drawing.

participation at the Nacht der Komponisten 2014 in the Solitär, Mozarteum, with simultaneous video projection of the live drawing.

2014 "Mid Atlantic transArt tour" with Erik Spangler, composer, to Washington D.C., Baltimore and New York.

New Feuilleton: do trans-Art, started on the 14th of July 2016!

every 2nd Thursday per month at 7:30 p.m. a trans-Art Performance takes place in the studio of Astrid Rieder in the Künstlerhaus Salzburg. 

The aim of a trans-Art performance is to leave traditional forms of presentation behind and to arrive at a freely associative performance through reciprocal inspiration and reaction. This leads to a deepened aesthetic understanding by the performers as well as the audience.

The name “Composition graphique” (“Zeichenkomposition”) implies that the graphical work is a free transcription of the ongoing performance. Let us remind ourselves: contemporary music is an integral component of this trans-Art performance – meaning that abstract drawing interacts with abstract sound and vice versa.


Studio Concerts:

Since the 90’s exclusive focus on contemporary music, and presentations of books, images and videos.

From 2014 to 2016  the concert turned into a new structure: in a 40 minutes trans-Art Performance there is an interplay between music and drawing. The audience, which results in an intensified overall experience for the audience.  

20th Anniversary of the Studio Concert "UTOPIA" took place on 04/16/16 in the White Cube of the Künstlerhaus Salzburg. 

At 7:30 pm: Key note lecture with Harry Lehmann, Berlin.

On 8:00 pm. trans-art performance. 

Radio program “Atelier für Neue Musik/trans-Art” at “Radiofabrik Salzburg”, Radio FRO Upper Austria, and at MICATONAL

Solo exhibitions (partly):

  • 2010 Diakonie Art in the Diakonissenkrankenhaus
  • 2011 R2 Galery, Vienna, 7th district
  • 2012 Art in the hospital LKH Vöcklabruck
  • 2012 Centennial John Cage, on the occasion of his 100th birthday
  • 2013 Annual Exhibition Künstlerhaus Salzburg 
  • 2014 POOL 7, 1010 Wien

Participation in exhibitions (partly):

  • 2000/02 final show
  • 2003  „Adventlicht 2003“ in the City center of Salzburg
  • 2007 Castello di Susans – Majano / Udine
  • 2008 „Auferstehungsort des Seins“ Stadtgalerie, Salzburg
  • 2009 Anderson Center, Minnesota/USA
  • 2009 9. Begehung ACHE 700
  • 2010 Deutschvilla Strobl/Wolfgangsee
  • 2013 Annual Exhibition Salzbug Kunstverein
  • 2015 Open Menber Club#2 at the Annual Exhibition of the Salzbug Kunstverein
  • 2015 "100" Galery Trakhaus
  • 2017 The New York Art Connection Gallery, Long Island, NY

trans-Art Performances (partly):

  • 2002 Experiment „eins“ (“one”)Soak Festung Salzburg
  • 2005 „They paint me red“ ARGE Salzburg
  • 2011 „Du bist die Ruh“  R2 Galery, Vienna
  • 2012 „It´s windy outside“ MDM Salzburg Mönchsberg
  • 2013 "Wind up space" Baltimore, USA
  • 2013 "20. Geburtstag der Initiative Architektur"
  • 2013 "Come and join" Publikumsperformance
  • 2014 "Zeichenkomposition" UA of Masayoshi Matsui and Astrid Rieder, Künstlerhaus Salzburg
  • 2014 Nacht der Komponisten Masayoshi Matsui and Astrid Rieder in the Solitär, Mozarteum, Salzburg
  • 2015 "71° East" with Agustin Castilla-Avila in Art Custion, Ourense, Spanien
  • 2016 trans-Art Performance together with  Eva Zöllner at the Frauenstimmen der Maria Anna Mozart Gesellschaft im Domchorsaal, Salzburg
  • 2016 trans-Art Performance zusammen mit Pavlo Schenkel und David Fallenbacher bei der SCHMIEDE 16, Hallein
  • 2016 trans-Art Performance zusammen mit Agustin Castilla-Avila im Samerstall, Niedernsill, Salzburg.
  • 2017 trans-Art Performance at the Dias de Música Electroacústica in Seia, Portugal mit Jaime Reis und Agustin Castilla-Avila