Astrid Rieder trans-Art

Studio Concert 2011 in Salzburg

Greeting by Christian Bauschke

The Studio Concert was born in the nineties. For several years they were held as “house concerts” in the packed living room of the family of Dr. Zajc. In the beginning, the program was a potpourri of styles, later, the performances moved increasingly into the direction of contemporary music.

2007 the concerts moved to the “Techno-Z” in Salzburg, Itzling, where Astrid Rieder had her studio. At this point in history, the “Studio Concerts”, as they were now called, had developed to be a veritable “insider event” of music of the 20th and 21st century.

But the annual evening event does not only include music but art in any of its varieties. The active organizer Astrid Rieder strives to link the various arts, which is not surprising, as she sees herself as a “Trans Art” artist.

And so, the improvisations to exhibited paintings, works of video art, sound installations, and readings form an impressing whole that makes us feel that the origins of artistic work are close together.

This year’s event is surely a high point in the history of the Studio Concerts. By the relocation of Astrid Rieder’s studio to the Salzburger Künstlerhaus in 2011, it is possible to use the big hall of this institution and give the event a suitable atmosphere.

Nevertheless, this evening is not meant to break with the intimate character of the house concert. A chat with the performers of the evening, as well as reflection on the heard concert alongside a tasty buffet belongs to this event just as it always did.

Studio Concert 2011 in Salzburg

  • Volker Staub„12 Volt und Atem“ (“12 Volts and breath”) (2008) for 2 motor sirens, pneumatic siren and cymbals
  • „Weiche Gesänge Nr. 26 Teil III“ (“Soft songs No. 26 part III”)(1994-97)for a steel string solo Eva Roscher
  • „Die vier Elemente“ (“The four elements”) piano improvisation Manuel de Roo and Annette Mäser
  • „Von Schubert 1“ (“By Schubert 1”) for speech and guitar Francesca Cardone and Marco Alesi
  • „Pastorale“ for four hands by Alexander Müllenbach, Maria Kallionpää
  • ”Trinity Mania” (2010) for piano, E-piano and toy piano

------------------------ BREAK---------------------------

  • Sina Moser: video non sounds of ruberti(kirtag) or is it? 4 min. video+live performace by Sina Moser harp/vibrator/minimixer
  • Georges Emmanuel Schneider: „For violin solo“ by Andor Losonczy Peter Simon Altmann reads from his book »Der Zeichenfänger«  (“The sign catcher”) (Otto Müller Verlag, 2006)
  • Oliver Kraft and Nils Urban Östlund „D´un matin de pritemps“ (“On a morning in spring”) for flute and piano by Lilli Boulanger (1893-1918)
  • Susanne Luntsch: „Toccata“ for piano by Jörg Widmann 2002