Astrid Rieder trans-Art

Studio Concert 2012 in Salzburg

Greeting by Alexander Müllenbach

With great interest and, I have to say great pleasure, I have been following Astrid Rieder’s Studio Concerts, as well as her other projects, for some years now. And as I get regular updates I rarely miss any of her many activities.

Foremost, I find it remarkable and quite refreshing how Astrid Rieder is prepared to welcome any kinds of art and their interactions with wide open arms. She creates programs that are far removed from restraining doctrines. Versatile and in a great variety of forms, these programs create new and alive spaces for phantasy and perception. They give evidence of the many ways and possibilities for expression and creation of past and present art. This confrontation is literally a manifest as well as a call to intelligence, as the French philosopher Nicolas de Chamfort once put it: "L'intelligence consiste à établir des relations" (“Intelligence consists of the creation of relations”).

Here, improvised, as well as finished pieces, projects, sketches as well as fully developed works are given room as equals. A fascinating kaleidoscope shows the audience what human phantasy and dreams can create, and how life is ever changing, ever fleeing.

I can only congratulate Astrid Rieder warmly on her lively activity, her projects and realizations, and encourage her with all my heart to continue on her individual creative path. Dear art-loving audience, let us be glad that she lives among us and presents us with this fabulous concert.

I wish you an evening full of exciting and touching experiences!

Studio Concert 2012 in Salzburg

  • Bernhard Gál, Laptop performance: „relive“
  • Eva Roscher: piano improvisation to the image OT 2012 by Astrid Rieder
  • Georges Emmanuel Schneider, violin: Belá Bartok „Fugue“ from the Sonata for Violin Solo
  • Udo Schindler:  „PNEUMA_120225.bcl – Solo for bass clarinet“
  • Christian Bauschke, piano: John Cage “In a landscape“ celebrating his 100th birthday
  • Gertraud Steinkogler-Wurzinger, mezzo soprano: Agustin Castilla Avila „Sonata for solo Score“(2007)
  • Georg and Susanne Luntsch, piano: Georg Luntsch „Tagklänge“ (“Daysounds”), UA 2012

--------------------------- BREAK --------------------------

  • Susanne Luntsch, piano: John Cage 4:33
  • Sina Moser, harp, Luke Robinson, electronics: perc. electronics: "streaming migrant"
  • Members of the ensemble oenm: Frank Stadler, violin, Peter Sigl, violoncello and Nora Skuta, piano: Gwyn Pritchard „Res“ (2004)
  • Duo Messin-Skuta: Irmgard Messin, flute and Nora Skuta, piano: Franco Donatoni “Fili pour Flute et Piano“
  • Johanna Tschautscher, reads from her novel „Jeanne d’Arc beendet den Heiligen Krieg” (“Jeanne d’Arc Ends the Holy War“), published by Albatros
  • Gernot Reetz, piano improvisation: „transient“