Astrid Rieder trans-Art

Studio Concert 2013


“To bring contemporary music closer to a larger audience by making it comprehensible”. This sentence is not only the motto of the artist and pianist Seda Röder but also applies strikingly well to the work of Astrid Rieder in connecting and cross-linking various art genres.

What started with “house concerts” small in scale but rich in ideas in the 90s, soon grew and gained ground in the very sense of the word: first they moved to Astrid Rieder’s studio in the “Techno-Z”, and have been held now for three years in a row in the beautiful big hall of the “Kunstverein”, which is very well suited for the multifaceted ways of expression.

Like every year, Astrid Rieder manages to join artists from a diversity of styles, by her unparalleled enthusiasm and openness towards contemporary and most recent music. Needless to say that instrumental music and singing stand as equals with dance, literature, painting, and sound projections. The active support of her entire family – her children and her husband Dr. Michael Zajk – always contributes to the organizational and technically perfect success of the concerts.

Today, artists of a wide variety of nationalities will present a varied program. Dear audience, who has accompanied us for so many years, let the world of sound and visuals, of poetry and phantasy, carry you away and maybe lead you to a new point of view. We wish you a pleasant evening where you can relax from the troubles of daily routine, and after the concert we would like to invite you to a personal conversation and a fine glass of wine, as this culture is a real treat just like art.

Franziska-Maria Lettowsky



Belma Beslic-Gál und Bernhard Gál:

Silap Inua, musiktheatralische Performance für zwei Audionauten und Klavier, UA 2013


Diego Alonso, Klavier

Peter Sigl, Cello, „A story of a string“ von Agustin Castilla-Avila 2013


Eva Roscher

WORT und KLANG, Klavierimprovisation


Sabine Kraus, Harfe

Nympfengeheimnis und post ludium“ von Siegfried Steinkogler

„AnRa“ Sonnengott von Johannes Kotschy


Claudia Storz und Alexander Müllenbach



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Katharina Arnold, Lisa Bunderla, Elisabeth Hillinger

Tanz/Performance: "why so serious?“ 2013


Seda Röder

"Face to Face with Cage",

Seda Röder spielt Cage und ihre eigene Musik


Elizabeth Lee

Recitation von Georghes Aperghis zwei bis drei solo Stücke für Sopran, komponiert 1977-1978



Belcanto Chor

Gebet der Vereinten Nationen für Chor von Franz

Richter-Herf 1984

Leitung: Gertraud Steinkogler-Wurzinger