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Studio Concert 2014

Studio Concert for Contemporary Music 2014

Partiy – correlation between media

We were very pleased that the Studio Concert for Contemporary Music, curated by Astrid Rieder, took place in the big hall of the Salzburger Kunstverein also in 2014. During my nine years of work for this institution I have always made an effort to integrate innovative musical events from diverse backgrounds into the program of the Kunstverein. In this context, I remind you of the club initiated in the Künstlerhaus by Didi Neidhart and Karl Schönswetter already in 2005. The highlights of this club focusing on electronic music were the performances of Franz Pomassl and Hans Platzgumer. Werner Raditschnig’s listening campaign as part of the exhibition “Tutti” by Manfred Pernice, as well as the performance of the visual artist Katrin Plavcak with her band “Erste Stufe Haifish” (“First Level Shark”) were also contributions that showed our openness towards the field of music.

The theme of this year’s Studio Concert is especially interesting: It is about the mutual relations between the arts – a topic that I treated in the context of the summer exhibition “Sense and Sensibility” in 2011, with the example of the mutual influencing of literature and visual art in an international group exhibition.

This year, Astrid Rieder aims to combine acting, literature, contemporary music, photography and drawing in a “Gesasmtkunstwerk” (a synthesis of the arts). In addition, the audience will be integrated in this process as they are invited to draw to a violin piece by Wolfgang Niessner. I wish all the best to this Trans Art project and say a heart-felt “thank you” to Astrid Rieder for her dedication and commitment at the border between contemporary music and visual arts.

Hemma Schmutz


A monologue merged into a seemingly not manageable dialogue and climax in a sort of “Gesamtkunstwerk” to which all the members of the audience were invited to contribute interactively.

Werner Friedl read the story “Ob sie mich vergiften will?” (“If she wants to poison me?”) by Barbara Keller.

Ursula Wondraschek and Jakob Leonhard attempted a dialogue: “Let’s do that whore show!” – a mini drama in five acts by Vikovsky, i.a.

The ensemble FRZT improvised to photographs by Barbara Keller.

Masayoshi Matzui performed the violin solo piece “Sternschreie” (“Star screams”) op. 21 from 1994 in the original version and then he gradually phased in his own improvisation and alterations with live-electronics. The result was a transition from Niessner’s composed piece to free improvisation.

The audience was invited to draw to these sounds with pencils on provided paper. The noises generated by the drawing were captured with microphones, amplified and mixed into the played music.

This evening was meant to be experienced in one piece. Therefore we asked for saving the applause until the end of the event.