Astrid Rieder trans-Art

2002 Experiment „one“ 

Installation/Performance on occasion of the International Summeracademy for visual arts, presentation of the course Hella Berenth "Der Raum" on the Fortress Hohensalzburg:

During a time period of five weeks the participants were able to experience the workspace of the Fortress Hohensalzburg. On the day of the final work presentation, Astrid Rieder in a costume made of canvas, performed in a small niche of the work space, looking inside a music book. The music book encloses abstract drawings. These were created by Astrid Rieder day by day, unidirectional to the music piece "Singles" by Sidsel Endresen and Bugge Wesseltoft. During the performance, she turns the pages conducted by the sounds of the piece. The music played out of a speaker.

Music: CD "Singles" by Sidsel Endresen and Bugge Wesseltoft.