Astrid Rieder trans-Art

2011 “Du bist die Ruh”

This performance consists, on the one hand, of the classic version of the lied of this title by Franz Schubert, performed by Helga Dolkofsky (piano) and Esther Kretzinger (soprano), and on the other, of an avant-garde adaptation by Annette Mäser (speech) and Manuel de Roo (mandolin).

In addition, it was electronically modulated.

In the R2 Gallery, Lindengasse, 1070 Wien.


Helga Dolkowski, Astrid Rieder, Esther Kretzinger
Wolfgang Seierl, Annette Mäser, Astrid Rieder
2011Du bist die Ruh 3
Michael Zajc, Annette Mäser, Manuel de Roo, Irmgard Klammer