Astrid Rieder trans-Art

Werner Raditschnig & Astrid Rieder
Ocean bed Live-Performance
Forplay 2011, oil on canvas, 110x100cm

Trans Art Performance „Ocean Bed“

Dear guests, welcome to my studio on occasion of the Open Day!

The exhibition “Praxis der Liebe” (“The practice of love”) is currently showing in the Big Hall of this house. This suggests that our subjective experiences with love, our emotionality and the connected private aspect should be put into a cultural context. Also, our experiences and expectations are dependent on the conditions determined by society: economic systems, religious concepts, and moral ideas. This is the social framework in which we live and in which we shape our “practice of love”.

The topic of love is the starting point of many artistic works. This was also the case in 2011 when I created the visual and tonal installation “FORPLAY”. I noticed that the foreplay – flirting and superficial playing with love – is common practice in this society, but that the decision for one partner is rather rare.

In music the foreplay, called prelude, is also very important. For example, the preludes and fugues by Johann Sebastian Bach are counted among the most important pieces of piano music.

Back then, when I was looking for music to use in my project, I found the piece “Ariadne’s Voice” by the Viennese composer Pia Palme.

In Greek mythology we find the story of Ariadne and Theseus, who leaves Ariadne on the isle of Naxos after he has defeated the Minotaur. There she marries Dionysos and bears him many children.

I invite you to follow one or the other train of thought of FOREPLAY this evening.

Today’s Trans Art performance “Ocean Bed” is a second project dealing with the topic of love: I will now draw on the wall to the sounds of “Szene am Meeresgrund” (“Scene on the ocean floor”) from the opera „SzenePenthesileaEinTraum“ (“ScenePenthesileaADream”) by Christian Ofenbauer.

The opera was first performed in 2001 at the “Theater an der Wien” with the “Orchester der Wiener Volksoper” conducted by Ulf Schirmer.

I will be drawing to a radio version cut by the composer.

The opera „SzenePentesileaEinTraum” is about the fight between Penthesilea and Achill. Christian Ofenbauer used a version by Heinrich von Kleist. He shows how two fundamentally different attitudes clash. In the end Penthesilea kills Achill and goes mad herself.

As a conclusion let me quote Peter von Matt: “love ends in marriage, death or madness”.