Astrid Rieder trans-Art

[Stiegenhausmusik] # 48

Innsbruck, 21.03.2019

trans-Art Performance with Baiba Dekena

The young Latvian musician Baiba Dekena met the internationally active trans-Art artist Astrid Rieder at a performance of the [Stiegenhausmusik] in Innsbruck for a performance together. Baiba Dekena has lived in Innsbruck for four years and is known for her diversity of Latvian folk motifs in mysterious and unexpected sound formations known to the Innsbruck public. In the trans-Art Performance, with her powerful voice, piano, synth and drum machine, she embarked on a challenge unknown to her, the dialogue with the interactive creation of an abstract drawing. Both artists dipped into a stream of visual and auditory impulses.

Link to the video