Astrid Rieder trans-Art

trans-Art activities in August

BRAND NEW DOCUMENTARY OF do trans-Art#35 with Norbert Sprave!

8th August at 7:30 pm, do trans-Art#38 with the Salzburg Accordionist Norbert Sprave at the studio Bundesstraße 37 in 5071 Wals.

21st until 24th August trans-Art in Ruden, Carinthia, at the KunstMeeting 2019.

Up to the 4th September at the Bildraum Bodensee MUSIKA FEMINA, Showreel about international venues, where trans-Art already took place.

Two broadcasting slots at the Radiofabrik. Always on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, at 11 am „studio of contemporary music/trans-Art“

Saturday, 3rd of August broadcast about do trans-Art#37 with Saeid Borna.

Saturday, 20th of July broadcast about a trans-Art performance, that already took place in a similar form.