Astrid Rieder trans-Art

trans-Art, breaking down barriers January:

The new year is starting with a do trans-Art#31 as well as the studio opening of Astrid Rieder at the new location in Wals!

On Thursday the 10th of January at 7:30pm all colleagues and friends of trans-Art are kindly invited to celebrate the opening of the new studio at Bundesstraße 37, 5071 Wals.

The evening will be opened with a speech from Mag. Dr. Eva Neumayr (Maria-Anna-Mozart-Gesellschaft Salzburg) on the role of artists in todays society. Following this, the do trans-Art performance together with Judith Valerie Engel (Piano), Norbert Sprave (Accordion), Alexei Grots (Piano) and the audience will begin. During a time frame of one hour, the audience is invited to contribute to the Composition graphique musicale and step into an interactive dialog with the current performing musician.

Crossing borders and the positive outcome that can happen will also be the culinary theme of this evening: our new neighbor, the Syrian restaurant owner of “Restaurant am Walserfeld” Hassan Dahrou and his chef Angelo Montazeri, will enhance the night with a taste of foreign fingerfood in a brilliant way.

Two broadcasting slots at the Radiofabrik. Always on the first and third Saturday of the moth, at 11 am „studio of contemporary music/trans-Art“

Saturday, 5th of January broadcast about do trans-Art#30 with Claudius von Wrochem.

Saturday, 19th of January broadcast about the trans-Art performance last December.