Astrid Rieder trans-Art

trans-Art in October:

Friday, 6th Oktober:

11a.m. Radiobroadcast „Studio for Contemporary Music/ trans-Art“ on the Radiofabrik.

This broadcast shows how the young vocalist Celina Hubmann and Astrid Rieder transcend artistic boundaries by sharing their common features which facilitate collaboration at the practical level in this trans-Art Performance.

Saturday, 7th Novenber LNDM Salzburg:

Composition graphique musicale of the do trans-Art_04 will be presented in my studio. A large image projection merged with a brilliant sound reproduction will awake us to think back to this overwhelming performance!

Thursday, 12th October

7:30 pm, do trans-Art_16

in the studio of Astrid Rieder in the Künstlerhaus Salzburg.

trans-Art Performance together with Peter Sigl, Cello.

Saturday, 26th Oktober

5 pm, trans-Art Workshop

„Bold red_03“, trans-Art Workshop with Astrid Rieder on the Open Day of the Künstlerhaus Salzburg .

Music: String Quartet number 3 and 4, by Christian Ofenbauer.

Given the very positive feedback to this workshop (Long Island, Vienna), now the audience in Salzburg will be introduced and guided to perform trans-Art. By using drawing material while listening to the sounds, a first unidirectional drawing process will begin. Everybody can feel free to pour all feelings and impressions from the music into the drawing, 


Thursday, 14th September:

do trans-Art_15 Performance together with Celina Hubmann, lyric soprano and transverse flute. Atelier Astrid Rieder, Künstlerhaus Salzburg