Current Activities of Trans-Art

do trans-Art 2024
with Astrid Rieder


On the 2nd Thursday of every month, I invite a contemporary musician of new music to my studio to engage in a transdisciplinary dialogue with them in front of an audience: for 40 minutes, in constant interaction, without rehearsal or score, two artists modulate, act and react - and along with them, two art forms: new music and abstract drawing. Neither the music nor the drawing has priority. We artists engage in a bidirectional dialogue based on mutual inspiration, in which the two art forms meet in constant interdependence and without hierarchy.


The performance series do trans-Art was developed in 2016 in my studio at Künstlerhaus Salzburg and later continued in my studio at Bundesstraße 37, Wals, Salzburg. Despite many obstacles, do trans-Art has since taken place every 2nd Thursday of the month without interruption.


Do. 11 January with Susanne Hehenberger, violin

Do. 08 February with Jordina Millà, piano 

Do. 14 March with Peter Arnesen, piano

Do. 11 April with Paul Eiser, saxophone

Do. 09 May with Lukas Lauermann, cello

Do. 13 June with Celina Hubmann, soprano & transverseflute

Do. 11 July with Sebastian Jolles, cello

Do. 08 August with Christian Tschinkel, acousmatic music 

Do. 12 September with Masimba Hwati, electronics

Do. 10. October with Elisabeth Moest, transverseflute

Do. 14 November with Annette Giesriegl, voice & electronics

Do. 22 December with Dominik Kreuzer, trumpet


Date: on the 2nd Thursday of every month 

Time: 19:30 Uhr

Place: trans-Art studio Astrid Rieder, Bundesstraße 37, 5071 Wals, 2nd floor.


Admission free

30 Jahre Kunst

16th–19th November 2023

in the Appendix Art Hub at Künstlerhaus Salzburg

Hellbrunner Str. 3, 5020 Salzburg

Review of 30 Jahre Kunst

do trans-Art_93

Thursday, 14th March at 7:30PM

with Peter Arnesen, piano

in my studio at Bundesstraße 37, 5071 Wals

Peter Arnesen is the guest artist in the 93rd performance of the performance series do trans-Art. The pianist and composer lived in London for a long time and worked with various musicians and bands from rock, pop and jazz. He toured America with Mick Ronson, David Bowie's guitarist, and went on a world tour with Graham Nash and the Hollies. In 1987, an advertisement from the Mozarteum finally brought him back to Salzburg, where he co-founded the department for jazz and popular music and improvisation.

For the third time now, Peter Arnesen enters into a dialog between music and visual art, piano and abstract drawing with the artist and trans-art performer Astrid Rieder. What the artists have in common is improvisation, letting things happen. In trans art, this means: an interaction between two artists without any prior rehearsals or agreements and without hierarchies. What happens unfolds over 40 minutes in constant dialog.

trans-Art, the dialogue between abstract sounds and abstract drawing


artistic vision:

A trans-art performance explores the interplay between new music and abstract drawing. It is a regular exercise of an encounter in which two dialogue partners, coming from two different disciplines and thus also from two different worlds and everyday lives, engage in a dialogue in a shared "strangeness". In a constantly interactive, modulating, flowing process, without a score, without arrangements or rehearsals, a joint visual and auditory composition can be created - the Composition Graphique Musicale. The drawing process, like the musical process, is additive, i.e. what has already been drawn is overdrawn and thus expanded during the trans-art performance. The audience can perceive these processes simultaneously as movement that can sharpen the senses, as the phenomenologist Merleau-Ponty described Paul Klee's act of painting. The final product consists of the large drawing, a sound recording and a recorded video.


10th - 11th October

Review of SUMMIT of trans-Art 2022


EACH 2ND THURsday per month at 7:30pm

at Bundesstraße 37, 5071  Wals

Thursday, 08th February

do trans-Art_92 with Jordina Millà, piano


Thursday, 14th March

do trans-Art_93 with Peter Arnesen, piano

"trans-Art on the road"

scheduled dates 2023

Saturday, 18th November at 7:30PM

trans-Art Performance with Sebastian Jolles, Cello

at Appendix Art Hub, Künstlerhaus Salzburg

Hellbrunner Str. 3, 5020 Salzburg


Saturday, 9th December at 7PM

trans-Art Performance with Dominik Kreuzer, trumpet

at Atelier 12, Münzgrabenstraße 24, 8010 Graz


Friday, 31th May 

trans-Art Performance with Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka, double bass

at Kulturkotter, Schillerstraße 53, 8010 Graz


Samstag, 06. Juli um 19:30

Frauenstimmen trans-Art Performance with Elisabeth Moest

at Atelier trans-Art, Bundesstraße 37, 5071 Wals

PODCAST: "Atelier für neue Musik/trans-Art"

each 1st and 3rd Saturday per calendar month at 11AM

Saturday, 17th February

trans-Art Performance with Karlheinz Essl at Ewigkeitsgasse, Vienna 


Saturday, 02nd March

acoustic part do trans-Art_92 with Jordina Millà

each 2nd and 4th Tuesday per calendar month at 11pm

Tuesday, 13th February

transfer of the broadcast: acoustic part do trans-Art_91 with Susanne Hehenberger


Tuesday, 27th February

transfer of the broadcast: trans-Art Performance with Karlheinz Essl at Ewigkeitsgasse, Vienna

Here is the link to all the radio shows that have been broadcast so far:

Here you can find videos of individual trans-Art performances: