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16th–19th November 2023 in the Appendix Art Hub at Künstlerhaus Salzburg


Astrid Rieder's trans-Art performances are regular exercises in an artistic dialogue between visual art and new music, between two artists and thus between two worlds and everyday lives. For 30 years already, Astrid Rieder has been working on this encounter between two dialogue partners in a shared " strangeness", as the Bulgarian-French psychoanalyst Julia Kristeva suggests instead of the rejection or integration of the "other". In a flow-like state, without a score, without agreements and without rehearsals, a joint visual and auditory composition can be created - the Composition graphique musicale.


From 16.11.23 to 19.11.23, the trans-Art performer and visual artist Astrid Rieder celebrated the 30th anniversary of her artistic work with a programme consisting of an exhibition, a workshop, the presentation of a book and a performance at Künstlerhaus Salzburg.


Every day from 12 noon to 7 pm, Astrid Rieder showed an exhibition of her work spanning three decades: In addition to selected large drawings, which were created as part of her bidirectional performance series do trans-Art – developed at the Künstlerhaus Salzburg and held monthly since 2016 –, sketchbooks from her early days of unidirectional drawing to new music in concert halls were on display, as well as a video installation showing the selected performances continuously and in full length. These included trans-Art performances with the double bassist Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka, the sitarist Gregor Waach, the electronic musician Thomas Grill and the pianist, composer Peter Arnesen and many more


On Thursday, November 16th, visitors were able to try out trans-Art for themselves in Astrid Rieder's workshop. After a breathing and movement exercise led by the sporanist and flutist Celina Hubmann, they explored collectively and interactively on two flipcharts what it means to conduct a dialogue, and in particular an art-immanent dialogue. The participants then took turns at the paper canvas and entered a dialogue with their musical performance partners Susanne Hehenberger (violin), Agustín Castilla-Ávila (guitar) and Paul Eiser (saxophone). The collection of terms and associations found for the "dialogue" became part of the exhibition together with the resulting large drawing.


On Saturday, November 18th, Astrid Rieder presented the new publication „Summit of trans-Art 2022", with an introduction by the speaker and curator Margit Zuckriegl. The publication brings together the contributions of the theoretical and scientific symposium Summit of trans-Art 2022, which took place in October 2022, in written form. Together with the symposium, the publication attempts to expand the performative side of trans-Art with a cross-genre theoretical discourse. The aim is to record the current state of the debate on trans-Art and to lay the foundations for further theoretical and artistic explorations of trans-Art.


Before the evening's programme continued with a trans-Art performance, Astrid Rieder's partner and companion throughout her artistic career, Michael Zajc, invited the audience to a presentation. With a rich treasure trove of photos from the last 30 years, memories of numerous house and studio concerts, trans-Art performances and stays abroad were revived. A live trans-Art performance with cellist Sebastian Jolles and Astrid Rieder was another highlight and rounded off the evening and the anniversary programme in a wonderfully immersive way.


Podcast about 30 Jahre Kunst: https://cba.media/643158

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