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do trans-Art_62

with Agustin Castilla-Avila

on the 12th of August 2021

at Astrid Rieder's studio in Salzburg


Astrid Rieder and the Spanish composer and guitarist Agustin Castilla-Avila, who lives in Salzburg, conducted a very special do trans-Art dialogue with three white electric guitars and intensified drawing noises. The optically and acoustically appealing sound installation of the electric guitars, which were attached to the left and right of an armchair installation by Fritz Rücker, reinforced the acoustics through the metal tubular frame of the armchairs. This made it possible to create a great variety of moods and sounds that are reminiscent of a Persian oud and unleash images of trotting camels. The simultaneously fine, trotting sounds harmonized and synchronized with destructive, dark sounds, which were first graphically represented by individual lines, later with clear condensation. The do trans-Art dialogue led the audience to discoveries, transgressions and also on new paths.


do trans-Art_61 

with Anna Koch

on the 08th of July 2021

at Astrid Rieder's studio in Salzburg


After a strong year full of sudden changes in our everyday life, one question is posed: has our view of social norms and basic values, caused by these results, ever changed? Astrid Rieders trans-Art wishes to take people on a path of peaceful, constructive and future-shaping dialogue. In doing so, she focuses on the values of a society that is open to new ideas. In the 61st performance of the do trans-Art series, the artist will interact with Anna Koch, clarinetist. The two protagonists hardly know each other, but want to show how constructive engagement with one another can lead to a productive result.


trans-Art at niM and Hear at Café Shakespeare

with Andreas Tentschert

on the 30th of June 2021

at Café Shakespeare in Salzburg

To look at a sound and determine its shape and colour -  this process could be seen during Astrid Rieder's trans-Art Performance on the 30th of June 2021. As part of the niM and Hear Session at Café Shakespeare Astrid Rieder and the music-padagogue and pianist Andreas Tentschert created an audiovisual presentation of trans-Art. To hear music, to interpret it, is a different process than to look upon and it and perceive it audiovisually. Abstract formats meet in completely novel spheres and give the artists as well as viewers a new active way of engaging with the connection between contemporary music and abstract art.


do trans-Art_59 

with Peter WesenAuer

on the 13th of May 2021

at Astrid Rieder's studio in Salzburg


Peter WesenAuer and Astrid Rieder meet for the 59th do trans-Art performance in the trans-Art Studio Salzburg. Peter WesenAuer, pianist and composer, exploits the power of the piano and develops a driving and at the same time playful force, which Astrid Rieder replies to with her drawing. Almost threatening soundscapes are replaced by delicate and light-footed ones, which leads to a bright clearing. Astrid Rieder's graphic composition, finds its place on the paper canvas, develops broadly and delicately with strongly concentrated accent points in dark red and muted yellow. At the end of the performance, the tension of the artistic dialogue slowly drains like a river in the valley and then flows into a pleasant calm.


do trans-Art_58 

with the Duo Celeo, 

Celina Hubmann and Leonie Rothbucher

on the 8th of April 2021

at Astrid Rieder's studio in Salzburg


"Denk auch an die Andern, sind Menschen wie du, dann spürst du es im Herzen, das Glück und die Ruh. "


As part of the introduction to the 58th do trans-art performance, the Duo Celeo performed the famous Viennese song "des Glück ist ein Vogerl“. In the sense of the referred to refrain above the Duo Celeo - comprised of Celina Hubmann (Ce) and Leonie Rothbucher (Leo)- and Astrid Rieder, engaged in a dialogue on a basis of mutual respect and understanding, thereby exploring the concept Composition graphique musicale. The attention and direction of the dialogue seemed to shift back and forth between the three protagonists, building up tension of incomprehensible proportions. 


For their current artistic work the two young musicians put emphasis on the interpretation of Viennese songs. The collaboration between the Duo Celeo and Astrid Rieder offers an opportunity to expose the discrepancy between the narrative song and the free-associative experience of a trans-Art performance. While the former presents a solid narrative, the latter enables every recipient to make up their own story in their head. 

do trans-Art_57 documentary video

with Svetlana Grots-Lanskaia

on the 11th of March 2021

at Astrid Rieder's studio in Salzburg


Energetic source of inspiration

The harpsichordist Svetlana Grots-Lanskaia, amazed as a trans-Art performance partner who despite the current odds, supports art with enthusiasm and resilience.

The dynamic and overwhelming energy of her piano playing made the young musician’s music appear like a roar from an unleashed lioness. Astrid Rieder playfully chased the music of the wildcat with her drawing on the paper canvas.

The alternate engagement, the efforts to lead a dialogue, a mutually modulating artistic form of expression result in a mutual Composition graphique musicale that cannot be separated. Like fresh water from a gushing spring full of liveliness, Svetlana Grots-Lanskaia and Astrid Rieder satisfied their dry thirst for artistic experience in the 57th do trans-Art performance. Precious moments like these push resilience and provide resources of inspiration for the time after the lockdown.

do trans-Art_56

with Agustin Castilla-Avila

on the 11th of February 2021

at Astrid Rieder's studio in Salzburg


Art is relevant to society.


Instability is a word that might come to mind when we think about the coming months. Planning or setting clear goals seems to be impossible. Living from one day to the next, can be a great burden for many of us.

For a society that lives in a democracy it is difficult to cope with the fact, that the ability to consider the risks of everyday activities, seems to be in doubt at the moment. trans-Art has the aim to maintain the connection between artists, despite the difficult circumstances. In order to highlight the essentials of communication, the do trans-Art series was sustainably carried out every month during the pandemic. In February Astrid Rieder shows the importance of interactive dialogue in another trans-Art performance with Agustín Castilla-Àvila. Art is irritation that can create new spaces and perspectives. It challenges the existing structures and the radical.

Art is worth being sheltered.

Art is relevant to society.

do trans-Art_55

with Celina Hubmann on the 1st of January 2021 at Astrid Rieder's studio in Salzburg 


the first do trans-Art performance 2021 


In 2021, the trans-Art Dialog wants to set accents inherent in art, create artistic cooperation in the moment adapted and go ahead full of suggestions. Everyone's attitude is important - so it is essential for us to uphold communication and exchange.
Celina Hubmann and Astrid Rieder opened the new year with the 55th do trans-Art performance full of optimism and mutual respect.

do trans-Art_54

with Paul Aigner on the 10th of December 2020 at Astrid Rieder's studio in Salzburg


In unstable times, it is particularly important that some important circumstances do not change. A secure job and the provision and care of one's own children give humanity a glimmer of hope. Especially in our times it is important not to give up hope. Unfortunately, the art and culture scene face unfair treatment in these times. Dealing with the art scene, which is very keen to comply with the security requirements, had been severely restricted for months at the time of the performance. But art and culture do not give up hope - despite this unstable situation, the do trans-Art series was able to be carried out safely and without endangering others this year thanks to well-considered precautions. Every do trans-Art performance took place monthly. Together with Paul Aigner, musician, photographer and graphic artist, Astrid Rieder ended this year - succesful despite the pandemic.

do trans-Art_53

on the 19th of November 2020 at Astrid Rieder's studio in Salzburg


Stay in dialog - even during Lockdown 2.0


Especially in times of Corona, art and culture have to cope with challenges. It is important for everyone not falling back into ones own looping thoughts, but to show the willingness to make contact with others.

The 53rd performance of the do trans-Art series was able to carry out the valuable dialogue between different art genres in November despite minimalist possibilities, such as no audience. In these extraordinary times, modern media gives us an alternative to participate from home and experience the dialogue between the two artists. Astrid Rieder and Aleksei Grots defy Lockdown 2.0 with bright colors and sounds. The positive driving force of the two becomes visible and palpable on the paper canvas through the abstract drawing and through the new music on the electric piano and piano.

do trans-Art_52

on the 08th of October Agustín Castilla-Avíla at Astrid Rieder's studio in Salzburg


Plucked dynamically, the tense strings of the guitar lying in balance, are being whipped on the ribbed neck. 


The 52nd performance of the series do trans-Art, with the Spanish guitarist and composer Agustín Castilla-Àvila, is comparable to an ever more urgent ride through a demanding landscape. The performance begins with the concentrated sound of a beat, with a ball shaped hand, which strikes the guitar sideways and sets it in motion like a bell. The vigorous impulses of both performance partners harmonize, complement each other and make the artistic conversation visible and perceptible. Abstract drawing and contemporary music inspire each other and create a space that makes it possible to witness, feel and experience art.

The resulting dialogue doesn't need any words - just music, colors and a canvas.

do trans-Art_51

on the 9th of September 2020 

with Saeed Borna - Piano and E-Piano


Deviation - an opportunity?


A sign of protest standing at the beginning of the performance. A burned and then laminated sheet of paper appears. This statement, inspired by Yves Klein, lays the foundation for many associations and for the 52. do-trans art performance with pianist Saeed Borna.

In addition to Astrid Rieder´s pens, fire also leaves traces on the papierene Leinwand  in this extraordinary do-trans art dialogue.

On burnt and then laminated paper, a special kind of artistic entanglement evolves over a period of 40 minutes:

A delicate symbiosis is formed between abstract additive drawings on seats of fire and melancholic phrases of Iranian songs. Free-tonal sounds, made out of amplified drawing-noises and piano music in minor, seem to float in the air like particles of ash.

do trans-Art_50

at the SUMMIT of trans-Art 2020

on the 13th of August with Karlheinz Essl at Astrid Rieder's studio in Salzburg


New Music is the ideal vehicle for an artistic dialogue of trans-Art. Sensual, social and communicational. Observable in the 50th installment of Astrid Rieder’s do trans-Art series


do trans-Art_50 with Karlheinz Essl was the highlight of the opening ceremony for the SUMMIT of trans-Art 2020 and a special artistic and musical experience. Karlheiz Essl recorded the sounds that Astrid Rieder emitted while drawing an entangled mesh on the canvas and immediately edited them, amplified them and played them back. The artistic aura created by this trans-Art dialogue could be sensed right from the beginning.  

The composer, musician, instrument maker and music theorist Karlheinz Essl experiences very little new approaches of reinventing music in the musical industry despite new technologies and media. The fact that music is preserved as a sensual, social and communicative experience is of high priority for both artists. 

do trans-Art_49

on the 09th of July with Celina Hubmann at Astrid Rieder's studio in Salzburg


The last do trans-Art performance before the 50th performance of Astrid Rieder´s series is like the mood before a thunderstorm in summer: unpredictable, delicate, simply beautiful.

Celina Hubmann and Astrid Rieder immerse themselves in a dialogue on the edge between sensitivity and irritation.


The beginning of the performance is about sensing the circumstances, the still white papierene Leinwand is being explored. The fair sound of the transverse flute fills the room.  The tunes are hard to grasp and nearly sound anxious. After a short period of time the unpredictable strength of music shows itself and forms a very tense uncertainty. Astrid Rieder immerses herself into strong and set movements and leads the crayons in unforeseeable directions. The entire musical performance of Celina Hubmann is just as pleasant as the sound of the flute. Suddenly there is the nearly uncanny sound of a glass harmonica, an instrument Mozart already experimented with.  Set breaks in the musical performance feel like holding ones breath. Relaxation that comes with the sound of crinkled paper is not for long. The tender colored web, that has formed on the paper is now covered with a soft veil of KRINK and is the outcome of an unpredictable dialog full of emotion and strong physical presence.

do trans-Art_45

12. 03. 2020 at Astrid Rieder's studio in the Künstlerhaus Salzburg


COVID-19 really does restrict artistic work! But this can result in new perseptions and answers. For instance the 45th Performance of the trans-Art Series: the spread of Corona could not be halted, people appreciated the taking of precautions.  Therefore, my performance-partner Mia Zabelka decided to stay at the Klanghaus Untergreith in the Southern Part of Styria. 

As it is my main priority to keep my monthly do trans-Art series a continual work, I tried to connect Untergreith and my studio in Wals-Siezenheim via Skype. The Sound was amplified by loudspeakers. Although the aesthetic experience in trans-Art is closely linked with the room and the body gestures, I decided to try out this experiment. 


At the Klanghaus Untergreith Mia Zabelka started the dialog with her Violin and her Voice. The interaction between the freetonal play and the abstract drawing began.  The sound was transferred in very good quality.  


Mia had a straight look at the papierene Leinwand or canvas. That is obviously not the same as being next to each other, but in light of the current circumstances a good and viable solution. 

do trans-Art_40

on the 10th of October 2019 with Belma Beslic Gal at Astrid Rieder's studio in Salzburg

From suffering to art


For the 40th do trans-Art series performance the artist Belma Beslic Gal came to Salzburg, to be Astrid Rieder´s performance partner. The pianist and composer, who fled from Bosnia because of war, shows her musical theater “Mirror Universe” as prologue to the performance. She composed this work for the Styriarte 2016, which was held under the motto "Große Töchter". In this thirteen-minute video-arrangement, the Vienna-based artist deals with fleeing, sorrow and heritage. The evening seamlessly transitions from the video presentation to the artistic dialogue with Astrid Rieder. Electronic clusters form a natural connection with rhythmic drawing noises and the trembling sounds of the piano keys. The additive drawing that is created on the papierene Leinwand looks like a composition of threads that concentrate in vibrating nodes and then dissolve again. Drawing, piano music, movement and spoken text melt into one another and make dialogue visible and tangible.

do trans-Art_39

on the 12th of September 2019 with Celina Hubmann at Astrid Rieder's studio in Salzburg


Astonishing creation


In a conversation with Theodor W. Adorno,  Karl Heinz Stockhausen said about composing: "There are lucid moments, that surprise the sound creator himself!" " Those would be the moments that the composer understands the least, those are the productive ones that seem new", as Stockhausen said.  "The composer creates something without having known it himself."

From the 39th presentation of the do trans-Art performance parallels can be drawn to composing in the 1960s. The difference is that Celina Hubmann and Astrid Rieder step out from specific art genres. For a few moments the two artists even draw together on the papierene Leinwand.

The dialogue partners inspire and suprise each other, interact, without comprehending the creative process during the performance. And this might be corresponding to Adorno's words. 


trans-Art Performance with Baiba Dekena


The young Latvian musician Baiba Dekena met the internationally active trans-Art artist Astrid Rieder at a performance of the [Stiegenhausmusik] in Innsbruck for a performance together. Baiba Dekena has lived in Innsbruck for four years and is known for her diversity of Latvian folk motifs in mysterious and unexpected sound formations known to the Innsbruck public. In the trans-Art performance, with her powerful voice, piano, synth and drum machine, she embarked on a challenge unknown to her, the dialogue with the interactive creation of an abstract drawing. Both artists dipped into a stream of visual and auditory impulses.

Innsbruck, 21.03.2019

trans-Art Performance in the
Long Island

Composition graphique musicale (result of a trans-Art performance)

acoustic part: Stuard Bereczinski (oboist)

graphic  part: Astrid Rieder

June 3rd 2017 

do trans-Art_11

Composition graphique musicale (result of a trans-Art performance)

acoustic part: Rupert Struber
graphic  part: Astrid Rieder


May 11, 2017 in Astrid Rieder's studio in the Künstlerhaus Salzburg

do trans-Art_10

Composition graphique musicale (result of a trans-Art performance)

acoustic part: Ferdinand Stiener
graphic  part: Astrid Rieder


April 13, 2017 in Astrid Rieder's studio in the Künstlerhaus Salzburg

do trans-Art_9

Composition graphique musicale (result of a trans-Art performance)

acoustic part: Robert C. Bauer
graphic  part: Astrid Rieder


March 09, 2017 in Astrid Rieder's studio in the Künstlerhaus Salzburg

trans-Art Vienna

Composition graphique musicale (result of a trans-Art performance)


acoustic part: Mia Zabelka
graphic  part: Astrid Rieder


March 03, 2017 in Astrid Rieder's studio in Vienna, Struwerstraße

2017 Festival - Dias de
Música Electroacústica

Composition graphique musicale (result of a trans-Art performance)


Agustin Castilla Avila
Jamie Reis
Astrid Rieder

February 25, 2017 Seia, Portugal

do trans-Art_08

acoustic part: Dominik Gruber, Hornist


Feb. 02, 2017 in Astrid Rieder's studio in the Künstlerhaus Salzburg

do trans-Art_07

Composition graphique musicale (result of a trans-Art performance)


Sam Beklik and Astrid Rieder


January 12, 2017 in Astrid Rieder's studio in the Künstlerhaus Salzburg

do trans-Art_06

Composition graphique musicale (result of a trans-Art performance)

Astrid Rieder graphic part

Hans Wolf (E-Piano) acoustic part
December 8, 2016 in Astrid Rieder's studio in the Künstlerhaus Salzburg

do trans-Art_05

Composition graphique musicale (result of a trans-Art performance)


Astrid Rieder graphic part

Paris Tsenikoglou (E-Piano) acoustic part
November 10, 2016 in Astrid Rieder's studio in the Künstlerhaus Salzburg

do trans-Art_04

Composition graphique musicale (result of a trans-Art performance)

Astrid Rieder, Simone Heilgendorff (Viola) and Claudius von Wrochem (Cello) 
October 13, 2016 in Astrid Rieder's studio in the Künstlerhaus Salzburg

transt-Art melting frames

Composition graphique musicale (result of a trans-Art performance)


David Fellenbacher
Pavlo Schenkel
Astrid Rieder

September 17, 2016 Schmiede/ Hallein

Schmiede 2016
first steps to trans-Art

Linda Thorsten
Astrid Rieder

September 2016 Schmiede/ Hallein

do trans-Art_02

Composition graphique musicale (result of a trans-Art performance)


Astrid Rieder & Agustin Castilla-Avila (E-Gitarre)

August 11, 2016 in Astrid Rieder's studio in the Künstlerhaus Salzburg

do trans-Art_01
Start of the performance-series

Astrid Rieder
CD: "Incipits" by Brian Ferneyhough

July 14, 2016 in Astrid Rieder's studio in the Künstlerhaus Salzburg

trans-Art Performance "incipit"

"Open Day"

Astrid Rieder & Robert Bauer

July 2, 2016 in Astrid Rieder's Studio in the Künstlerhaus Salzburg

trans-Art performance "void_less"

Lange Nacht der Museen 2015

Astrid Rieder and Alexey Grotz (pianist, Russia)
Alexey Grots and me were performing interactively for the first time.

I was drawing on a large-scale paper on the wall. We could communicate through our physicality on a level playing field. Our common situation and reciprocal reaction created a new dimension for the reception of the pieces of art.

no way- better way- best way

Music: Ferdinand Steiner, Soloclarinettist of the Mozarteumorchester.


This performance focuses the situation of refugees concerning the political situation in Europe and points out the Importance of a philanthropic attitude, each of us should have. 


07/04/15 in my studio of the Salzburg Künstlerhaus

40th anniversary OeNM

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the OeNM, Österreichisches Ensemble für Neue Musik, Astrid Rieder painted live to the sound of "phonophobie" by Andor Losonczy, on a big canvas in the Kavernen in Salzburg.


This is the title of this years "Kunstschleuder", a festival for theatre, performance and musik. It takes place in the Künstlerhaus Salzburg every two years.


The Viennese composer Belma Beslic Gal and Astrid Rieder worked interactivly. Belma was playing on an electronic piano and on a laptop and Astrid was drawing to these tunes at the wall of her studio.


The drawing is a kind of remembrance of the disappearing sound.

trans-Art performance "beyond the limits"

Astrid Rieder & Markus Sepperer
Eröffnungsrede: Dr. Irene Suchy
Pool7Wien1. Bezirk, Rudolsfsplatz 9

Nacht der Komponisten 2014

transArt Performance zu "Sternschreie" von Wolfgang Niessner


Astrid Rieder & Masayoshi Matsui
Solitär - Mozarteum Salzburg

Lange Nacht der Museen 2014

transArt Performance "beyond the limits"

Astrid Rieder & Angela Koppenwallner
Künstlerhaus Salzburg - Atelier Astrid Rieder

Midatlantic transArt Tour 2014

"beyond the limits"


Astrid Rieder & Erik Spangler

Austrian Cultural Forum  Washington D.C.

Midatlantic transArt Tour 2014

"beyond the limits"


Astrid Rieder & Erik Spangler


Brian Morris Gallery - New York City

Midatlantic TrasART Tour 2014

"beyond the limits"


Astrid Rieder & ErikSpangler

Fourtygold Building - New York City

Mid Atlantic transArt Tour 2014

"beyond the limits"


Astrid Rieder & Erik Spangler

Gallery 788
Baltimore USA

transArt Performance

"beyond the limits"


Astrid Rieder & Masayoshi Matsui


"Tag der Offenen Türen"
des Salzburger Künstlerhauses
09/21/14in the studio of Astrid Rieder

at the 50. anniversary of the death of Hindemith

Prof. Dr. Siegfried Mauser
plays Paul Hindemith


01/09/14 in the studio of 
Astrid Rieder in the 
Künstlerhaus Salzburg

trans-Art Performance

20 Jahre Initiative Architektur

Astrid Rieder & Eva Roscher


im Großen Saal
Künstlerhaus Salzburg

transArt performance

Astrid Rieder &
John Diereker, Matt Frazao, Jon Lipscomb, Alan Munshower


03/12/13-03 at "the wind up space"
Baltimore, USA

trans-Art performance "Catching the Lines"

Astrid Rieder & Peter Simon Altmann & Udo Schindler


"Tag der offenen Türen"
Künstlerhaus Salzburg
Atelier Astrid Rieder

Centennial John Cage

a private party in Astrid Rieder´s studio

Künstlerhaus Salzburg