Workshop about trans-Art

Invitation to experience and create trans-Art yourself

trans-Art performances intensify the perception of new music and abstract art through the stimulation of several senses. In a specifically dedicated workshop or a performance of the audience, trans-Art even goes one step further:  children, youth and adults are invited to become trans-Artists themselves. They receive guidance to create and understand trans-Art. The participants can delve into the new music and bring their impressions to paper, whilst reflecting and unidirectionally creating.


At the beginning of an interactive trans-Art event, every participant receives a board (a resonance body), paper and pencil. The musician or the CD begins to play. The selected music corresponds with the title of the workshop, such as “Aqua”, “The blue miracle of friendship” (Kunsthalle Schirn), “The train enables the landscape to move” (MDM Salzburg), “It's windy outside” (MDM Salzburg).


In 2017 the worksshops took place in Long Island, NY and in my studio in the Künstlerhaus Salzburg: Music: 3rd and the 4th Stringquartett Parts by Christian Ofenbauer, Composer in Vienna. 


The participants can visually and acoustically process and engage with the new music by drawing. If possible, the audience's drawing sounds are recorded and intensified by using a microphone and speakers. The audience becomes a new part of the music through the sounds of their drawing! Sometimes, even bidirectional moments happen, when a short interaction takes place between the audience and the musician. Afterwards, the participants report a variety of impressions –  each and every one perceived the arts in a new and special way.


Both the workshop and the performance of the audience are suitable for children, youth and adults. Astrid Rieder would be grateful for active interest on your part. Please send e-mail to: