trans-Art workshop

Are you interested in trying out the dialogue between new music and abstract drawing for yourself? In this interactive workshop, you can enter the dialogue by drawing and explore the various facets of trans-art.


What is trans-art? How do we engage in dialogue, with and without language? And what constitutes an art-immanent dialogue? In this workshop, we want to explore these questions with simple movement exercises and joint association. Afterwards, the drawing participants can try out the dialogue between visual art and new music for themselves.


The workshop is divided into three parts, in which the participants will be guided through a journey of artistic dialogue.


We begin the workshop with simple movement exercises based on Ilse Middendorf and Bruno Mock. These exercises not only loosen up the body and mind, but also create the basis for a creative flowing dialogue by engaging with a dialogue partner.


In the second part of the workshop, we will think about dialogue as improvisation and ask what it means to conduct dialogue with and without language. We will move on from general forms of dialogue to dialogue that is immanent to art. By collecting associations and terms together, the participants will approach both forms and discuss their meaning in an artistic context.


The highlight of the workshop is the third part, in which participants can experience the dialogue between abstract drawing and new music for themselves. For one hour, participants are invited to try out, co-create and experience the interaction between free-tonal sounds and abstract drawing for themselves. Each participant will work together with a musician on the paper canvas for 5 minutes. The musicians are positioned so that they can clearly see their performer during the interaction. After 5 minutes, there will be a changeover, with three musicians interacting with the workshop participants twice for 10 minutes each before they are replaced by one another. A display above the screen shows the exact time span of 5 minutes.



No prerequisites necessary, anyone can participate!


What to bring

Interest, curiosity and a good mood!



per person 50€

Price includes materials



approx. 2 hours



Studio Astrid Rieder

Bundestraße 37, 5071 Wals


On request also out of town!


The workshop is intended for adults, children, youth, school and training groups, as well as companies.


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