Workshop about trans-Art

Invitation to experience and create trans-Art yourself

Performance of the audience:


Audience performances are for adults, groups, companies and are available on request.



In order to reach an audience for the art form trans-Art that I have created, I developed the following timed concept:

During one hour, the audience is invited to try, co-create and experience trans-Art, the interaction of free-tonal sounds and abstract drawing for themselves.


Within this hour, anyone and everyone in the audience can try and become a graphic artist for five minutes.


For this purpose, they can work together with a musician on the paper canvas.


The musician interacts twice, i.e. for 10 minutes, and is then replaced by a colleague.


On a display above the paper canvas, you can see a timecode indicating the five minutes.


A colour table is available for the audience members.


The musicians are positioned in such a way that they can easily see their musician during the interaction.


Why do you need several musicians for this audience performance? Experience from previous performances has shown that the audience was very enthusiastic. Everyone wanted to savour the entire five minutes of interaction with the musician! For this reason, I invite three musicians to take part in this experience.


trans-Art Workshop


The workshop is intended for children, young people and adults and is available on request.



By stimulating several senses, a trans-art performance enhances the experience of new music and abstract art. In specially organised workshops or trans-Art public performances, the perception of art itself goes one step further: children, young people and adults are invited to become actors themselves. The participants are introduced to trans-Art. Reflecting and creating unidirectionally, they can engage with new music and translate impressions into drawings.

At the beginning of a trans-Art workshop, the visitors are given a firm base, paper and pencil. Depending on the possibilities, the invited musician begins live. If necessary, a CD can also play new music. A piece of music is used that refers to the respective title of the workshop, such as from past workshops: "Aqua", "Blaues Freundschaftswunder" (Kunsthalle Schirn, Frankfurt am Main 2004/05), "Der Zug gibt der Landschaft die Möglichkeit sich zu bewegen" (Museum der Moderne, Mönchsberg, Salzburg 2011), "It's windy outside" (Museum der Moderne 2012), 2017 in Long Island, NY or in my studio in the Künstlerhaus, where drawings were made to accompany the 3rd and 4th string quartet movements by Christian Ofenbauer.


Participants can process and expand the new music pictorially as well as through the drawing sounds. If possible, the drawing sounds will be connected even more strongly with the music by means of a microphone and loudspeaker. The audience gets its own voice in the room! Sometimes this even creates bidirectional moments in which an interaction, a short dialogue between the audience and the musician develops. In retrospect, participants report a wide variety of impressions; in any case, everyone who is interested has perceived trans-Art in a very special way.