Astrid Rieder trans-Art

trans-Art in April

Thursday, April 09th at 7:30pm do trans-Art_46

with Sebastian Jolles, Cello at the studio Bundesstraße 37, in Wals-Siezenheim.

Join the Facebook live stream, there is no entrance possible because of the Corona Virus!

It can be foreseen that the next do trans-Art_46 with Sebastian Jolles will have to be digital as well.

Two broadcasting slots at the Radiofabrik.

Saturday, April 4th, broadcast about do trans-Art_45 with Mia Zabelka, Violine, Electroacoustic.

Saturday, April 18th, Review about trans-Art at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Salzburg 2012.

As there are no trans-Art Performances possible in Austria or abroad, I looked at my archive and found the performance "It´s windy outside", I did during the Long night of Museums 2012. I think this title fits well to that ongoing difficult situation.

In 2012 I worked together with Gundl Aggermann and Vera Klug, transfers flute. They played "Synchronie pour deux flutes" of the Japanese Composer Yoshihisa Taira and I was drawing unidirectionally on my big paper canvas in my former studio at the Salzburg Künstlerhaus.

At midnight we all went up the hill to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Salzburg. There the two flutists played again this piece and the audience, equipped with paper and two black pencils, had much fun with this Performance of the Audience! That was the last GIG at the John Cage exhibition at the MDM.

Two transfers at RadioFro.

Always on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday per calendar month, at 11pm.

Tuesday, April 14th, transfer of the broadcast of the do trans-Art_45 with Mia Zabelka, Violine and Electroacoustic.

Tuesday, April 28th, transfer of the broadcast: Review about trans-Art at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Salzburg 2012.